Global Leader in Digital Health

FYD creates and distributes technologies for digital health innovations.

We invent and Innovate technologies For digital healthcare

Tablet computer motherboard

MEMS Microphone ROIC

Microprocessor on blue circuit board

MEMS Accelerometer ROIC

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IR Receiver Module

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Digital Health Technologies

Our Business Areas

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Semicondicutor Distribution

Electronic texture

IR Modules

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Digital Health

Young Chinese man in mask sitting in lab while doctor taking his blood

Protective Coveralls

Our Competencies


Global Networks

Sales Excellence

We invent patented technologies, and lease them on a royalty basis

We Are a Global Trader With Experience

FYD is a global trader that links vendors with their customers worldwide. With a successful story for more than sixteen years we have gain a vital spot to the international markets.

Client & PaRtner Networks