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The FYD Research Center invents cutting-edge technologies for digital health. We help address national and global challenges at the forefront of digital health transformation, and provide an ambitious, stimulating and supportive research culture for our staff, students, and partners.

Tablet computer motherboard

MEMS Microphone ROIC

Microprocessor on blue circuit board

MEMS Accelerometer ROIC

Electronic texture

IR Receiver Module

close up of old man hand with pill and smart watch

Digital Health Technologies

We Invent World-Class Technologies

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2009. 10. IR Receiver IC for remote control system (MP)

2012. 03. Temperature Sensor for measuring body temperature (IP)

2012. 05. Thermopile Sensor Interface IC (IP)

2014. 05. Motor Driver IC (ES)

2014. 06. Development of Low-Power Sensors for IoT-Baed Image Processing

2014. 07. MEMs Accelerometer Sensor Interface IC (ES)

2015. 05. ADC/DAC (IP)

2015. 09. Development of 6-Axis Power/Torque Sensors

2016. 03. Force Sensor Interface IC (ES)

2017. 05. MEMs Microphone Read-Out IC (ES)

2017. 08. 12bit Pipeline ADC for OLED driver IC (IP)

2019. 08. Development of Multi-Channel MEMS Microphone Technology for AI Speakers

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